Career Transition

We specialise in career transition and work with corporately sponsored individual clients from all business sectors across a wide range of professional and management backgrounds. We provide career transition for those people leaving their organisations, pre-decision support for people in making a reasoned decision about their future, redeployment for internal roles and pre-retirement support for people entering that stage of their career.

Our approach is simply to provide the help and advice each individual client needs, tailored to his or her objectives, and to combine this with a realistic assessment of the current local and national business and employment situation.

We provide materials that are custom designed to meet the needs of each client and form an ongoing resource for individuals participating in our programmes as they pursue their career and personal aspirations. Training programmes, study packs and operating manuals are provided and technology is used to support our programmes.

We provide a custom built  Information & Research website to provide information on recruiters, companies, industries, career vacancies and general guidance. It provides 24/7 access for our clients’ research needs.