“Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another. It is a developmental strategy that enables people to meet their goals for improved performance, growth or career enhancement”

We specialise in high impact coaching that provides an ideal opportunity to individual clients, because of its external perspective, of discussing and “revealing” personal and career concerns, identifying a strategy for improvement and presents the opportunity to implement changes with the security of non-judgemental support which reflects back and suggests potential improvement to the actions implemented.

We provide a variety of support programmes, all aimed at coaching individuals through times of change – be it the search for new career opportunities, developing the personal skills to perform better in their current role, providing better self-understanding through psychometrics or facilitating senior management’s identification of new strategies for corporate success.

At Careerwell we believe coaching is a powerful process that enables individuals to increase their self-awareness, clarify priorities and goals, and supports them to achieve their full potential. It’s a voyage of personal discovery, skills development and behavioural change individually tailored to meet their specific goals and objectives.

Coaching Programmes

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