Coaching Skills Training for Managers – Workshop

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Programme Overview

This two-part programme, delivered on the Zoom platform, blends theory and practice to tackle some of the major challenges managers now face in the rapidly changing working environment.

There will be an emphasis on understanding and developing coaching skills for managers to support staff, lift morale, refocus energy and improve personal wellbeing.

The workshop and the action-learning set practical will each last for 90 minutes.


Our Approach

We shall work in small groups both for the workshop (max. 8) and the Action-Learning practical sessions (max.4) to ensure there is plenty of time for discussion, sharing of views, identification of key issues.

The workshop will share current thinking and best practice on both managing and coaching teams and individuals. For some this will be in the conventional workplace, for others it will be managing and coaching remotely.

Coaching Skills Training for Managers – Workshop

Module 1 – Workshop Outline

Facilitated by an experienced coach-consultant the workshop will explore 

  • Four styles of coaching as a manager
  • Seven tips to ensure good coaching outcomes
  • Engage, Ask, listen, explore, act
  • Six great coaching questions
  • Coaching for performance
  • Coaching for well-being
  • Coaching for development

Module 2 – Action Learning Set – Practical Session

Working in groups of four, using the Zoom platform, you will be asked to bring along an example of an issue you are facing with an individual or with a team.  

Another member of the action-learning set will take the role of coach and guide you through discussing the issue, probing more deeply, exploring possible options and agreeing on actions.    

The two other members of your group will be observers to provide feedback and insights. 

Taking turns, you will also coach one of the other members of your set and be an informed observer for two other sessions.

You will share your combined experience and expertise with the insights of your facilitator.